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What is the Energy Efficiency Certification Scheme?

The Energy Efficiency Certification Scheme certifies professionals that can lead comprehensive energy retrofits of commercial buildings.

The Energy Efficiency Certification Scheme (EECS) gives you confidence that you will realise the best energy efficiency outcome for your building.

It certifies professionals that have the skills and experience to lead and manage all types and scale of building energy upgrades, up to and including an Integrated Building Energy Retrofit (IBER) and to work effectively with their clients.

The Scheme is delivered under the supervision of an independent expert Steering Committee and administered by the Energy Efficiency Council, Australia’s peak body for energy efficiency.

It is a challenging assessment process undertaken by an independent Assessment Panel. Candidates are assessed against the key competencies required for


a successful IBER, and must provide real examples that demonstrate their skills and knowledge.

A certified professional is the first person to call when contemplating a building energy upgrade. They can help guide you through the early stages to make sure the scope of your project makes sense for your objectives and your building.

The Scheme is operated by the Energy Efficiency Council under the supervisionof an independent Steering Committee made up ofexperts from industry, government and the property sector.

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Certification levels


Certified Energy Efficiency Specialist

A Certified Energy Efficiency Specialist (CEES) has the ability to contribute to effective IBERs as part of a project team and the knowledge necessary to lead and manage IBERs.

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Certified Energy Efficiency Leader




A Certified Energy Efficiency Leader (CEEL) is a seasoned energy efficiency professional with the knowledge, capabilities and practical experience necessary to lead and manage the most complex IBERs in their entirety.

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Fee subsidies now available!

For a limited time only, elgible candidates are able to access fee subsidies thanks to the NSW Office of Enironment & Heritage.  Click here to find out how to apply for certification.