About Integrated Building Energy Retrofits

What is an Integrated Building Energy Retrofit?

An Integrated Building Energy Retrofit (IBER) approaches a building as an integrated system, and looks to upgrade its energy performance in a comprehensive way.

This approach will:

  • include all stages of an energy efficiency retrofit, from scoping to verification of energy savings
  • consider all major energy using processes and activities within the building
  • take a comprehensive approach to design, incorporating multiple technologies when appropriate; and,
  • take an integrated approach to implementation, avoiding unnecessary disruption of the building’s occupants and systems.

An IBER can achieve significantly higher levels of energy and cost savings in a shorter period of time than a targeted retrofit by best managing the interactions between the different energy-using processes and activities.

This means that increasing building performance has benefits beyond lowering the energy bills paid by tenants – it improves occupant health, organisational reputation, and property value.

Improvements to the building envelope or a reduction use of heat generating equipment such as computers could dramatically reduce a building’s cooling load and thereby avoid the capital, energy, and maintenance costs associated with an expanded cooling system. 
Combining renewable energy installations with energy efficiency improvements may allow for smaller, less costly renewable energy systems. The incremental cash flow from the energy efficiency measures might even be used to offset the cost of the renewable energy system

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