About the Energy Efficiency Certification Scheme


Val MacGregor is the Ombudsperson for the Energy Efficiency Certification Scheme. 

Val has an extensive background in the tertiary education sector, and in skills, training and certification policy more broadly.
In 2006 she accepted the role of Training Specialist at Sustainability Victoria, where she focused on developing Green Skills programs for both trades and professionals.

As Chair of COAG's National Framework for Energy Efficiency (NFEE) Training Committee, she was responsible for driving training in energy efficiency programs in partnership with governments, the tertiary education sector and industry associations. As part of this role she worked with the electrical and painting industries to develop certification systems and industry benchmarks which supported ongoing professional development programs. 
This culminated in her role as a member of the Steering Committee which oversaw the development of the Energy Efficiency Certification Scheme. Val stepped down from the Steering Committee in early 2013 and concluded her tenure at Sustainability Victoria in early 2014.
She was appointed Ombudsperson by the EEC Board in March 2014.