About the Energy Efficiency Certification Scheme

Scheme governance

The Energy Efficiency Certification Scheme has been designed to be impartial and meet the needs of customers, energy efficiency providers, governments and the general public.

The Energy Efficiency Certification Scheme is operated by the Energy Efficiency Council (EEC). As with all other Council activities, the EEC Board is ultimately responsible for the proper management of the scheme.

The Board delegates the day to day administration of the Scheme to the Scheme Secretariat. The Secretariat is housed within the EEC and is the primary point of contact for candidates, certified professionals, and other stakeholders.

To ensure impartiality, transparency and independent oversight, the EEC Board has appointed three independent bodies that have a central role in the administration of the Scheme:

  • A Steering Committee comprised of members nominated by industry, government, and customers, as well as other relevant experts. This Committee oversees the Secretariat and the Assessment Panel.
  • An independent Assessment Panel comprised of industry experts. Members of this Panel are responsible for developing and maintaining the criteria for assessment, and assessing  applications for certification.
  • An independent scheme Ombudsperson that adjudicates on appeals, complaints and reviews.

For more information on the process for appointments to these bodies and their responsibilities under the scheme, see the Scheme Rules.