About the Energy Efficiency Certification Scheme

Scheme Policy

The purpose of Energy Efficiency Certification Scheme (the Scheme) is to promote the effective delivery of Integrated Building Energy Retrofits (IBERs) of Australia’s commercial buildings.

The Scheme does this by establishing and maintaining a certification system for critical components of IBER delivery. The Scheme is designed to define standards for industry participants, facilitate the procurement decisions of energy efficiency customers, reduce project risk and support the achievement of planned energy efficiency objectives.

The Energy Efficiency Council’s role

The Energy Efficiency Council (EEC) is the peak body representing Australia’s energy efficiency sector. The EEC administers the Scheme to support the growth of the sector's capacity to promote responsible, efficient and effective energy use across the Australian economy.

Policy commitments

In fulfilling its role administering the Scheme, the EEC will:

  • maintain an independent Steering Committee responsible for oversight of the Scheme;
  • maintain an impartial and confidential application process based on independent assessment by relevant experts;
  • provide certification to parties that meet the certification criteria set out in the Rules, regardless of EEC affiliation;
  • provide an impartial complaints process for the customers of certified parties;
  • ensure efficiency and consistency by building on existing training, certifications and standards,
  • comply with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the Scheme;
  • provide a transparent process for continual improvement of the Scheme, which considers Scheme performance, government policy, industry requirements, and the views of interested parties, and;
  • maintain the Scheme as long as is necessary to meet the Scheme's objectives, or until circumstances render the Scheme unnecessary, as determined by the EEC's Board.

Download the Scheme Policy, signed by Rob Thomson on behalf of the EEC Board, and Ben Samways on behalf of the independent Steering Committee, at the EEC National Conference, 4th December 2013.

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