Applying for certification

Application fees

What do my fees cover?

Application fees cover the entire assessment process. Assessments are conducted by an Assessment Panel made up of senior industry professionals. Upon receiving a complete application, a member of the Assessment Panel conducts an initial assessment of pre-requisites, a detailed application review and an interview with the candidate. The Assessor's preliminary determination is then signed off by the full Assessment Panel.



Standard fee (inc. GST)

Subsidised fee (NSW only, inc. GST)

Application for intermediate certification (CEES)



Application for expert certification (CEEL)





Fee subsidies provided by the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage are currently available for eligible candidates who live and work in NSW. Subsidies are automatically applied to all eligible applications.


Candidates for certification that do not proceed beyond the initial assessment will be refunded three quarters of their application fee. No other refunds apply.

For details on ongoing fees associated with certification, click here.

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