Applying for certification

Maintaining certification

Adherence to the Scheme Rules and the Code of Conduct

Professionals certified as a CEES or CEEL are required to adhere to the Code of Conduct and the Scheme Rules. Complaints regarding breaches of the Code of Conduct or the Rules will be referred to the Scheme Ombudsperson for formal review.

Submission of a Continuing Professional Development Log

Professionals certified as a CEES or CEEL are required to submit an annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Log. The CPD Log will describe professional development activities undertaken in the course of the year and how they relate to the ten areas of assessment. 'Development activities' may include:

  • Taking up opportunities to develop new knowledge and capabilities through on the job experience;
  • Internal training;
  • External training;
  • Conferences, or;
  • Reading and other research.

Submission of project case studies

Certified professionals must demonstrate that they are actively working on IBER projects to maintain their certification. This active engagement is required to ensure that their skills, experience and knowledge remain current.

Each CEES and CEEL must submit three project case studies for projects they have worked on during each three year certification period. 

Duration of certification

Both CEES and CEEL certifications are valid for three years.

For detailed information on the requirements for maintaining certification, download the Guide for Candidates by clicking here.