Applying for certification

Requirements for certification

Candidates must meet the pre-requisites for certification and be assessed as eligible against the areas of assessment

Pre-requisites for certification

The pre-requisites for certification are the hurdle requirements that must be cleared before an application for certification is considered. Meeting the pre-requisites for certification does not mean the candidate will be certified; it means that their application will be assessed in detail.

Candidates for certification as a CEES or CEEL must demonstrate that they have experience working on energy efficiency retrofits of commercial buildings. There are different experience requirements for CEES and CEEL candidates depending on their qualifications.

Candidate's qualification

Minimum experience implementing commercial building energy efficiency retrofits



A degree in engineering, architecture, surveying, construction management or project management OR

A mechanical or electrical trade qualification

1 year

3 years

No relevant qualifications

3 years

5 years

Areas of assessment

Candidates that meet the pre-requisites will be assessed against ten areas of assessment:

The ten areas of assessment

1: Leading and managing Integrated Building Energy Retrofits (IBERs)

6: Interdependencies between building systems and managing operational impacts

2: Energy consumption, assessments and analysis

7: Energy efficiency and generation technologies

3: Measurement and verification of energy savings

8: Commissioning and tuning

4: Business case development and project justification

9: Risk management

5: Client procurement options for IBERs

10: Stakeholder engagement

Candidates for CEES certification must be assessed as eligible in seven out of ten areas, including three core areas (Areas 1, 2 and 3).

Candidates for certification as a CEEL are assessed against the same ten areas, however the required skills and knowledge in each area are more stringent than for CEES candidates, and a greater emphasis is placed on the candidate's experience.

Candidates for CEEL certification must be assessed as eligible in all ten areas.

For detailed information on pre-requisites, assessment criteria and the application process, download the Guide for Candidates by clicking here.

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