Information for building owners and managers

What are my options for upgrading my building?

There are three main ways to upgrade the energy performance of your building – there’s bound to be one that suits your objectives and budget.

Energy Tune Up

Over time, buildings become less efficient, using more energy than necessary to and meet heating and lighting requirements and keep tenants comfortable. A building tune up applies simple, effective strategies to tweak the building’s energy-using systems to reduce energy use while maintaining or improving comfort and then sustaining this new ‘optimised’ state through real-time performance monitoring, targeting and reporting.

Targeted Energy Retrofit

Retrofitting a building means making changes to the systems or structure at some point after its initial construction and occupation. Retrofitting is often undertaken with the primary objective of improving comfort for the building’s occupants. But you can also improve the performance of the building in areas like energy and water use and indoor air quality at the same time. This type of retrofit targets energy efficiency opportunities in one or two of the building’s energy-using systems, such as lighting or air-conditioning, at a time.

Integrated Building Energy Retrofit (IBER)

An IBER approaches a building as an integrated system, and looks to upgrade its energy performance in a comprehensive way. An IBER can achieve significantly higher levels of energy and cost savings in a shorter period of time than a targeted retrofit by best managing the interactions between the different energy-using processes and activities.